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Services Offered

Centro La Familia Advocacy Services offers a broad range of programs designed to assist crime victims, support families and children, promote health and wellness, encourage civic engagement and more. Many of our programs provide outreach, advocacy and education services to those in need. Working through our bilingual staff, we deliver those services in a manner that is respectful and culturally sensitive.

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In the Fortaleciendo Familias (Strengthening Families) program, our staff works with parents to build parenting skills and better support a child’s learning and healthy development. The program operates in Huron and Mendota, focusing on high priority populations such as monolingual and bilingual Spanish-speaking families of teen parents, parents of children with special needs and families without social support.

Our Parents and Children Engaging Project is a 15-week parenting education class that encourages the general well-being of families. The class addresses issues such as personal safety and prevention of child abuse by teaching participants about appropriate parenting practices, the effects of child abuse and neglect and how to establish and maintain healthy peer networks.

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Through the Victim Assistance Program, our staff supports non-citizen victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and other serious crimes throughout Fresno County. Our direct services include help with legal protective orders, mental health counseling and immigration-related assistance.

Our Nueva Esperanza Program operates with the best practices “Promotora” (“Cultural Broker”) model that encourages and builds trust with victims of domestic violence. Services include trauma-informed crisis-intervention, assistance with temporary restraining orders, linkage to counseling services, and criminal justice support and advocacy.

Through our regional Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking program, we assist victims and work as a member of the Central Valley Against Human Trafficking team to help design, develop and implement effective programs. Our agency partners with regional victim services organizations and law enforcement and also provides information to the general public.

Our Sexual Assault Services Culturally Specific Program (SASP) operates with the best practices “Promotora” model that encourages and builds trust with Latina victims. Services include crisis intervention and advocacy, support groups, and outreach and education.

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Mental health support and services are the focus of our Cultural Based Access Navigation and Peer Support Services program or CBANS. Our staff provides culturally sensitive and linguistically appropriate services such as short-term intervention, support groups, links to community services, and more.

Through the Consumer/Family Advocacy Services program, we work to promote mental health awareness and a positive sense of well-being in underserved communities. The program also offers a course leading to certification in Mental Health First Aid training.

Our Health Insurance Enrollment program provides free health insurance enrollment to families in Fresno County. Advocates work with clients to determine eligibility, and the plans offered include Medi-Cal, Kaiser Permanente Kids, Covered California (open enrollment period) and social services programs such as CalWORKs and PG&E Care.

CLFA provides outreach education and enrollment into CalFresh through the CalFresh Outreach and Education program. CLFA targets eligible populations; working to increase awareness of CalFresh services and encouraging individuals to enroll. This program is provided under the California Association of Food Banks funded by the California Department of Social Services.

We help resolve problems with telephone charges through our Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple-languages (TEAM) program. Our trained advocates review telephone bills at no cost and can help consumers by conducting complaint resolution services and inquiries. The program also offers consumer education workshops.

The CHANGES program provides services to consumers who need help with energy issues. The program aids consumers in education and outreach and complaint resolutions between the consumer and their investor-owned utility.

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  • Consultations
  • Citizenship Application Assistance
  • Card Renewals
  • Green Card Renewals

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Through our Fresno Building Healthy Communities project, we advocate for positive change by working with residents in central, southwest, and southeast Fresno. The program helps promote healthier environments for children and families by encouraging residents to learn about the issues and policies that shape their neighborhoods through civic engagement.

Project servicing both the City of Fresno and County of Fresno, focusing on bringing equity to access to care. Through community health workers, we engage, assist, and link those seeking medical care, helping them understand the information related to the care, promoting positive patient/doctor interaction, etc.

Bringing equity in care and access to information on COVID19 prevention, vaccinations, and testing to underserved communities in the Fresno County and throughout the City of Fresno. To find out when the next testing or vaccination will be in your area, call us.

Department Details

Forums showcasing a culturally aware perspective on how to better serve victims/survivors of domestic violence, human trafficking, and sexual assault. Held annually, these gatherings are aimed at professionals and community stakeholders to improve the quality of services to survivors and prevent causing additional trauma due to cultural and language barriers.

Presentations focusing on labor, immigration, and health, to inform community members of what their rights and obligations are, and how and where to seek help if these are violated.

Forum and gatherings for conversations and recreational activities and provide information and create other activities.

A project to bring awareness of the diabetes epidemic that affects our community. Given the prevalence of this disease, particularly in the Latino community, these events present information on prevention, treatment, and disease management, making the information accessible in Spanish and English.

Support group in Spanish, offering a safe space to unwind and talk about mental health and wellness. This program is offered at various sites in the City of Fresno.

Takes a different perspective on mental health by using art and painting to help people relax and talk with peers about mental health and wellness.

  • Educational Workshops and Presentations

Providing services that empower and support families and individuals.