Victim Assistance Program – New and Diverse Resources

Looking for Multilingual Materials?

Sexual Assault Awareness Campaign Resources Available

Spring time brings many cultural events to Fresno reminding us of the diverse community we have and the many languages we speak and read. Centro La Familia Advocay Services is proud to offer informational materials and videos in multiple languages in order to overcome some of the challenges that victims may face. Providing information in a victim’s native language is one way to let them know that we are here to help and understand their needs. In any language, in any culture and of any gender they can get help – they are important to us.

New Sexual Assault Awareness Commercial

Centro La Familia Advocacy Services launched their sexual assault awareness campaign through television and radio spots currently airing on ABC30 and Radio Bilingí¼e. The spots are inclusive of English, Spanish and Hmong languages which aim to inform the community that sexual assault is a serious crime that affects a diverse group of people.

Please share this message and post it to your Facebook and Twitter to help increase awareness so that we may reach those in need. You can watch the video below on Centro La Familia’s YouTube channel.

Human Trafficking Video Now Available in Spanish

Our human trafficking video which launched in January is now available in Spanish. It is a dramatization that follows the story of a young woman who finds help after being forced into domestic servitude. Please check out the Spanish version below on Centro La Familia’s YouTube channel.

This video is also available on DVD. You can call our office at (559) 237-2961 to obtain free copies for your organization’s use. The video is a great educational tool that can be used in waiting rooms, presentations or for training purposes.

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