Register now for the 9th Annual Community Convening

Centro La Familia’s upcoming “Community Convening: Conversations Not Heard” event will discuss the crime of sexual assault from a multicultural perspective and examine how sexual assault impacts not only an individual victim or survivor, but our community as a whole. We welcome you to join us for this informative event to develop a deeper understanding and awareness surrounding the crime of sexual assault.

This year’s Convening will feature a keynote speaker with a unique, local perspective on the way that the response to sexual assault – be it within our family, school, workplace, or community as a whole – is affected by our culture and more. The event will also feature a panel of local experts and a panel of local advocates for centralized discussion of the effect these crimes have from a multicultural lens that acknowledges the barriers and challenges survivors experience in reporting and addressing these crimes.

The morning event will include a breakfast for all attendees and an opportunity to network with local professionals in social work, law enforcement, medical, education, and legal fields. We invite you to register today and join us for our 9th Annual Community Convening!